Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lily and Alex: Story 2

I looked at the rushing water as it speed along its little path first day of summer break Alex and them had no idea I’d be home. I hadn’t seen these guys sense Christmas and I hadn’t left in great spirits either.
          I sat near the river near the home. This river was not safe but who was going to protest. The rocky ledges the rapids the river was to swift and strong to swim in and well when you have five gifted children in the home who can save anyone from a watery grave. I was the only one not gifted I was normal.
          I sat at the edge my feet barely touching the water I was sure that I’d be fine they would be home soon I would be perfectly safe here I always was. I was done with school and next year I was going to public school with Alex Ally Sky James and Jerome life would go back to how it was I’d be with them every day. Without fail right? 
          “Lily oh my gosh Alex its Lily!” I looked around Ally stood at the corner of the house as Alex and James ran past her. I scrambled up before they got to me. Alex wrapped his arms around me spinning me around.
          “We’ve missed you Lil’s! Why didn’t you tell us you were coming home?” James asked as Alex let go his arm still tightly around my waist. His touch sent my nerves tingling my head spin you’d think that it wouldn’t but it did his touch just seeing him hearing his voice brought butterflies to my stomach. He made my skin go all tingly I’ve told no one what Alex can do to me.
          “I thought I’d surprise you guys.” I said looking around at all the loving friendly faces this was my home wherever these guys were at they loved me and I couldn’t live without them. We all stood there and talked Alex and James had their arms around my waist Alex would pull me closer to him and James would pull me back to him these two seemed to be the best of friends I was their friendly competition. I knew who really liked me but he would never say.
          “So Lils any cute boys who kissed you or are you still virgin lips?” Sky asked all the boys looked at me Alex eyes trained in on mine. His eyes brown they were dark brown they almost looked black. His face showed that he was curious but his eyes they betrayed him worry and concern in those perfect black eyes.
          “Well Sky you know me, I meet a sweet guy at school he was so charming I just couldn’t resist” I smiled Alex glared He knew when I was lying, can’t hide anything from my best friend.
          “She’s lying she’s still a VL.” Alex pulled me close forcing me to look up his eyes were now playful a mischievous glint to his eyes. He pushed my hair back from my eyes. “but she won’t be for long” Alex bent down but kissed my cheek and hugged me close.
          “That was mean!” I slapped Alex’s chest pushing away he just laughed like everyone else. Alex took my hand and kissed it softly. I slapped the top of his head glaring at him. Alex laughed taking my waist and dipping me.
          “So were you revenge is sweet” Alex let go of me letting me fall to the ground. I looked up from his joking manner only seconds ago to being completely serious and emotionless. I felt the air tempter drop clouds covered the sun. Then everything went blurry and black I couldn’t feel the grass there was nothing.
          “Alex guys anyone?” My voice echoed I shivered wrapping my arms around myself. I was alone in this dark place and I didn’t know if I should scream or cry. I closed my eyes or were they close, I had no idea. I wanted to scream but something told me that would be a bad idea.  The darkness the coldness didn’t last long.
          I was back on the grass it seemed time had frozen everyone was relaxed but Alex. Alex wasn’t from being in the group and talking he totally distanced himself he walked away telling us he had to talk to Mrs. Thorne our care taker. I wondered if the darkness that place whatever just happened if he knew.  But like me I kept my mouth shut I didn’t say anything I learned one thing keep to yourself do it yourself and it’s done right.

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